Child custody is constantly evolving to reflect the changing reality of how parents work in and outside the home and divide time and efforts raising the children during the marriage and after divorce.  Both parents’ rights are respected and protected and there is not a one size fits all resolution to custody.  Many factors are applied to determine temporary and permanent custody.  The Courts also often appoint counsel, known as a Guardian Ad Litem, to represent the child or children in a divorce, legitimation, or modification involving custody.  We have represented Fathers and Mothers – as well as non-parent relatives – in navigating the complexities of a custody case.  We can help you reach a resolution that works for your family and the realities of your life.  Of course, as with all areas of your case, if the other parent will not agree to a reasonable resolution, we have the knowledge and experience to present your case effectively in Court, and have done so successfully for our clients in many cases.