Divorce is complex, and there are many issues and factors to consider.   We will always try to resolve your divorce case first through communication and careful consideration of all of the issues involved in your particular case, such as the conduct during the marriage, contributions to the marital assets, each person’s non-marital assets, the participation in the care of the child or children of the parties during marriage, and all other relevant circumstances. We strive to provide efficient and cost-effective service to our clients.  We hope to provide service that inspires our clients to recommend our office to people they know who need effective representation.

We have handled many cases involving complex financial assets.  We engage financial experts in accounting, financial planning, business, and tax planning to assist our clients and testify in your case if such issues are involved.  We have tried numerous cases in multiple jurisdictions and achieved verdicts and judgments in our clients’ favor when settlement efforts were unsuccessful.


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